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Wheelchair Ramps

Ramped Up's folding Wheelchair Ramps are designed with strength, safety and portability in mind.  Our range of portable wheelchair ramps will help you easily overcome obstacles in wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and walkers.

Due to their strength and portability our wheelchair ramps are useful for a range of material handling applications for loading trolleys, road cases or equipment into vans, trailers or up stairs.

All of our wheelchair ramps are constructed from marine grade aluminium which is incredibly strong and durable - this allows a very impressive 270kg loading capacity across all ramps.

The use of lightweight aluminium also keeps these ramps light, allowing them to be easily handled and transported by one person.

All wheelchair ramps in the range fold lengthways allowing them to be easily transported inside most vehicles - the 2.1m long ramp also features a unique dual fold design which folds to half the width and length - easily fitting a 2.1m long wheelchair ramp in almost any car boot.

See below for more information about the 4x ramps in the range

2.1m Wheelchair Ramp - Dual Folding

The 2.1m dual folding ramp is the longest wheelchair ramp in the range and also has the very handy ability to fold in half to only 1.1m long.  With a 270kg loading capacity this is our most popular wheelchair ramp.

⦁ Dimensions(Unfolded): 2100mm x 730mm x 90mm

⦁ Dimensions (Folded): 1100mm x 240mm x 370mm

⦁ Width (Inside Track): 680mm Width (Overall): 730mm

⦁ Weight: 19KG

⦁ Maximum loading height: 53cm unoccupied, 35cm occupied

wheelchair ramp unfolded on white backgrount

1.8m Folding Aluminium Wheelchair Ramp

The 1.8m folding wheelchair ramp is our longest single fold ramp, this means the ramp folds to half it’s width but remains 1.8m long when folded for transport.  The length makes this a popular ramp for loading mobility equipment and tools/equipment into vans.

⦁ Dimensions (Folded): 1825mm x 375mm x 50mm

⦁ Width (Inside Track): 680mm Width (Overall): 730mm

⦁ 16KG ramp weight

⦁ Maximum loading height: 46cm unoccupied, 30cm occupied

1.5m Folding Aluminium Wheelchair Ramp

The 1.5m folding loading ramp is a little bit shorted than the 1.8m ramp making it easier to transport, but the 1.5m length is still appropriate for navigating small staircases or obstacles in mobility equipment, or loading equipment into vans and trailers.

⦁ Dimensions (Folded): 1520mm x 375mm x 75mm

⦁ Width (Inside Track): 680mm Width (Overall): 730mm

⦁ Weight: 14KG

⦁ Maximum Loading Height: 38cm unoccupied, 25cm occupied

folding wheelchair ramp leaning on a white background
small wheelchair ramp open on white background

60cm Folding Aluminium Wheelchair Ramp

At only 60cm long this is the smallest wheelchair in the range, it also folds in half which makes it extremely portable.  This ramp is too short for loading  into vehicles or trailers, but is a great option for navigating small obstacles such as thresholds or small steps.


⦁ Dimensions (Folded): 610mm x 375mm x 75mm

⦁ Width (Inside Track): 680mm Width (Overall): 730mm

⦁ Weight: 6kg

⦁ Maximum Loading Height: 15cm Unoccupied, 10cm Occupied

Wheelchair Ramps

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