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Sureweld ALuminium Loading Ramps

Sureweld has been manufacturing high-quality Aluminium loading ramps in Australia since the 80s, and today you’d be hard-pressed to find a construction site that didn’t have a set of Sureweld ramps leaning up against a tipper truck.

Sureweld manufactures their ramps in a state of the art facility in regional Victoria, using locally sourced Aluminium.  When you buy an Aussie made Sureweld loading ramp, you’re buying a high-quality product that’s made to last.

Through their decades of product development, Sureweld have perfected three different rung styles designed to suit specific machinery types, keep reading to discover which Sureweld Loading Ramp is right for you

Sureweld Loading Ramps - Rubber Series

Great for rubber track and inflatable tyre machines - not suitable for steel tracks

The sureweld rubber series loading ramps are designed specifically for rubber track and tyre machines such as rubber track excavators, bobcats (skid steer) and mini loaders.  These ramps can also be used for loading vehicles and posi track all terrain machines, although posi trac owners may want to consider the PT series ramps featured below.

These loading ramps feature a relatively flat rung design which doesn’t create excessive bounce for rubber track and tyre machines.  This means the operator gets a smooth ride while loading and unloading, while still offering great traction.

These are the #1 selling loading ramps in the range and are very popular for operators with an excavator/skid steer combo.

Sureweld Loading Ramps - Track Series

Great for tracked machines such as excavators, can also be used for inflatable tyres

Sureweld Track Series Loading Ramps are designed to handle the extreme loads associated with loading large tracked excavators and are the only Sureweld loading ramps suitable for loading steel track excavators.

They feature a right angle shaped rung which offers excellent traction for tracked machines.  The triangle is known as the strongest shape used in engineering, which is why the right angle rungs are incredibly strong - track series loading ramps are capable of loading up to 11.5 tonne.

The Sureweld Track Series Loading Ramps are designed with tracked machines in mind, however, they can also be used for pneumatic tyres on machines such as bobcats.

Sureweld Loading Ramps - PT Series

Perfect for Posi-Track Skid Steer machines

The Sureweld PT series loading ramps are specifically designed for loading Posi-Track all-terrain skid steer machines - in fact, they are the only ramps we currently sell that are optimised for Posi-Track machines.

If you need to load a Posi-Track bobcat or skid steer machine, you really can’t go past these ramps.  They can also be used for loading your other rubber track and tyre machinery, although these ramps are not suitable for steel track machines.

Sureweld Loading Ramps

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Why choose Sureweld ramps?

Sureweld loading ramps, as offered by Ramped Up, are acclaimed for their robust construction. Made from high-grade aluminum, these ramps blend lightweight attributes with exceptional strength. This combination is vital, offering easy transport and setup while confidently supporting heavy loads. The aluminum construction sets Sureweld apart from traditional steel ramps, striking an ideal balance that caters to various loading scenarios.

Enhanced Safety: Secure and Slip-Resistant Design
Safety is a paramount concern in loading operations, and Sureweld ramps are meticulously designed with this in mind. Ramped Up ensures that these ramps feature advanced grip technology and secure locking mechanisms. The surface treatment of these ramps significantly reduces the risk of slipping, crucial when handling heavy machinery. This focus on safety not only protects the equipment but also ensures the well-being of operators.

Versatility for Various Needs: A Range of Models
Versatility is a core advantage of Sureweld loading ramps. Ramped Up provides a spectrum of models, each tailored to meet specific loading requirements. Whether it’s for lightweight or heavy-duty equipment, there’s a Sureweld ramp designed for the task. This adaptability extends to compatibility with various types of vehicles and machinery, making Sureweld ramps a universal loading solution.

Durability: Long-Lasting and Cost-Effective
Durability is a standout feature of Sureweld ramps. Constructed with premium materials and superior craftsmanship, these ramps are built to endure rigorous use and harsh conditions. The longevity of Sureweld ramps is not only a testament to their quality but also offers a cost-effective advantage by minimizing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

In summary, Sureweld loading ramps from Ramped Up represent an ideal blend of strength, safety, versatility, and durability. These ramps are more than just a tool; they are a long-term investment in efficient and safe loading solutions for a variety of needs.