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Dog Ramps

Does your Dog need help walking up stairs or getting into a car?  Our Dog Ramps will help even the biggest dog reach new heights!  Using dog ramps as part of your daily routine is a proven and simple way to protect your pet’s spine and joint health so keep reading and let us help you find the perfect pet ramp

Folding Aluminium Dog Ramps

Perfect for: Dogs of all sizes to access cars and utes, or navigate staircases

Folding aluminium dog ramps are the #1 heavy-duty pet ramp in our range.  Made from Aluminium they can accommodate dogs up to 110kg in weight.  The entire ramp is constructed from marine grade aluminium which makes them suitable for outdoor use.

The ramp is long enough to reach the back of most cars or utes, making this a great dog ramp for cars. 

Pros Cons
⦁ Heavy-duty weight capacity
⦁ Suitable for outdoor use
⦁ Use at many different heights
⦁ A little heavier to transport

Folding Timber Dog Ramps

Perfect for: Small dogs to reach couches, beds and small steps

Timber dog ramps are perfect for helping smaller dogs climb onto hard to reach places like couches and beds.  Our timber ramps are designed to be used indoors and easily fold away to be stored under a bed or couch when not in use.

Folding timber ramps are a popular option for owners of Dachshunds who are prone to Intervertebral Disc Degeneration (IVDD) but they are suitable for all small dog breeds

Pros Cons
⦁ Small enough to use inside the home
⦁ Adjustable height
⦁ Freestanding
⦁ Not weatherproof - indoor use only
⦁ Small dogs only

Telescopic Dog Ramps

Perfect for: Owners who want a lighter, easier to transport dog ramp for cars, utes and stairs.

The telescopic dog ramp is constructed from aluminium and plastic, making it lighter than the folding ramp.  Just like the folding ramp, it is a great dog ramp for cars or staircases.  

Instead of folding, this ramp is telescopic which means the ramp slides up and down, allowing you to adjust it to any length,  Use it while folded down to access a couch or tight staircase or extend it all the way to 1.8m long to reach the back of a ute.

Pros Cons
⦁ Expendable, use at any length
⦁ Lightweight and easy to transport
⦁ Suitable for outdoor use
⦁ Slightly lower weight capacity
⦁ A little more expensive

Dog Ramps

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