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Loading Ramps

Need to safely load or unload heavy machinery or vehicles?  Ramped Up has a heavy duty aluminium loading ramp to get you there safely.  See our great range of heavy duty loading ramps for excavators, skid steer loaders, mini diggers, cars, mowers and more!  We have loading ramps suitable for Utes, Trucks and trailers.

Ramped Up’s Aluminium Loading Ramps come in a range of sizes, we have a loading ramp for almost any machine imaginable, from buggies to bulldozers.

All of our loading ramps are made from marine-grade Aluminium which makes them incredibly strong and weather-resistant, while also keeping them as light as possible for easy operation.

To choose the correct loading ramp for your machine, it’s important to consider a few things

1. How heavy is the machine you are loading?

All of our loading ramps have a maximum weight capacity, for ramps sold in pairs, this is a combined weight capacity, not capacity per ramp. 

When calculating your weight it’s very important that you consider the total weight of your machine including all attachments, fluids, and operator weight - not just the weight written on the side of the machine.  For more info on weight limits see our ‘Loading Ramp Weight Capacity Guide”

2. How long do your ramps need to be?

The appropriate ramp length will depend on the height of the truck or trailer you are loading onto, all of our loading ramps do have a maximum loading height.

We generally recommend that the length of your ramps is at least 3x the loading height.

Here is an overview of some of the different loading ramp styles we well, you can also see all of our available aluminium loading ramps below.

Folding Aluminium Loading Ramps

Great for buggies, quad bikes and machinery under 1 tonne

We have folding loading ramps in a range of weight capacities up to a very impressive 1000kg.  Folding ramps are a great option for those transporting ramps in a trailer or ute as they conveniently fold in half for easy storage.

Our 1000kg ramps feature a centre support leg for added stability and strength when loading.

Heavy Duty Aluminium Loading Ramps

Great for Excavators, Bobcats and other machines with tracks or tyres

Our heavy-duty loading ramps come in a range of sizes with weight capacities ranging from 1800kg up to an incredible 11500kg with the majority of loading ramps still being light enough for one person to manually handle.

While the most common use for this style of ramp is loading excavators and skid steer loaders, we have customers all over Australia using these ramps for a range of machines including cars, tractors, EWP, mulchers and even motor homes.

You will find a variety of brands, rung styles, lengths and laid ratings to suit almost any machine.  If you need any help finding the right loading ramps for your machine please reach out to our team for assistance.

Loading Ramps

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