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Digga Loading Ramps

Digga is a household name in the earthmoving industry, there wouldn’t be an operator in Australia who hasn’t hasn’t come across Digga loading ramps or attachments at some point.  

Digga began manufacturing excavator and skid steer attachments in the 80’s and now they’re one of Australia’s biggest manufacturers and suppliers, shipping high quality machinery attachments and Digga loading ramps throughout Australia, and worldwide.

Digga’s aluminium loading ramps are engineered and manufactured in a state of the art facility in Europe, and are specifically designed to withstand our harsh Aussie conditions.  

This is why Digga are known as the most advanced loading ramps on the Australian market.

Advanced Loading Ramp Design and Engineering

All of Digga’s loading ramps feature a fully extruded, double T beam design.  This means that the rungs are fully supported by the beam material, and don’t rely on welds alone - making them the strongest ramps in their class.

Anyone who has owned a set of loading ramps for a few years knows the top and bottom rungs cop the most abuse when loading/unloading a machine.  Digga have reinforced the top and bottom rungs which significantly improves durability, while also improving safety and comfort for the operator.

Digga Loading Ramps available to suit almost any machine

With a range of loading ramps to suit loads from 1tonne right up to 9tonne, Digga loading ramps are perfect for loading a huge range of excavators, skid steer loaders and mini loaders onto trailers, tipper trucks and flat beds.  Learn more about the range of Digga ramps below:

Digga Standard Loading Ramps

⦁ Suitable for rubber tyres and rubber track machines

⦁ Available in load ratings from 1tonne to 6.2tonne

⦁ Rung design prevents clogging up with mud, stones, and other debris reducing the risk of tyre/track slippage

⦁ New rung design cleans the wheels/tracks as machines climb the ramp, minimising debris taken onto the truck

⦁ New rung design allows operators to safely walk up the ramp

Digga Universal Loading Ramps

⦁ Superior strength, versatility, and safety

⦁ Available in load ratings from 5.2tonne to 9tonne

⦁ The first dual purpose loading ramp available for rubber, steel tracked, and wheeled machines

⦁ Rungs are level with the top of the main supporting rail, minimising wear and providing greater durability

⦁ Patented, studded rungs are machined from a solid, not hollow extrusion, minimising slip or loss of grip during the loading/unloading activity

why choose digga loading ramps?

Digga loading ramps, embody the pinnacle of engineering excellence. These ramps are constructed with marine grade aluminium, ensuring they can withstand extreme weights and rigorous usage. The aluminium construction not only guarantees strength but also ensures longevity, making these ramps a reliable choice for heavy-duty loading tasks. This durability is particularly crucial in industries where equipment must endure demanding conditions daily.

Advanced Safety Features: Prioritizing Operator and Equipment Security
Safety is a critical component of Digga loading ramps. Understanding the potential hazards in loading operations, these ramps are equipped with enhanced safety features. They often include anti-slip surfaces, side rails, and secure locking mechanisms to prevent accidental slippage or dislodging when loading. This comprehensive approach to safety protects both the operators and the equipment, providing peace of mind during loading and unloading processes.

Innovative Design: Enhancing Productivity and Usability
Digga loading ramps are known for their innovative design. Features such as gradual inclines for easy loading, high load capacities, and compatibility with various machinery types make these ramps exceptionally user-friendly. The thoughtful design not only enhances productivity by making loading and unloading quicker and easier but also reduces physical strain on operators, an important factor in daily operations.

In essence, Digga loading ramps offer a robust, safe, customizable, and user-friendly solution for a wide range of loading tasks. Their superior engineering, combined with advanced safety features and innovative designs, makes them an excellent choice for businesses seeking efficient and reliable loading solutions.