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Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp - 110kg capacity
Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp - 110kg capacity
Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp - 110kg capacity
Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp - 110kg capacity
Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp - 110kg capacity
Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp - 110kg capacity
Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp - 110kg capacity
Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp - 110kg capacity

Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp - 110kg capacity

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Are you tired of lifting your dog into the car or up stairs? Help your Dog reach new heights with the Ramped Up Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp. Designed to handle even the biggest and most adventurous dogs, this ramp is a game-changer for your dog, and your back!

Crafted from super-strong aluminium, it can handle a huge 110kg! It's built to last, yet remains remarkably lightweight at just 7.5kg. Made from corrosion free marine grade aluminium, this ramp isn’t afraid of the outdoors

Aluminium Dog Ramp - Your Dog's Ticket to Pain Free Adventure:

Elevate your dog's travel experience with our 1.8m long Aluminium dog ramp.

At 1.8m long, your dog will enjoy a strain-free ascent and descent, ideal for dogs of all ages and health conditions. Plus, with a non-slip surface, this ramp provides secure footing in any weather, offering peace of mind.

The thoughtful addition of a rubber strip at the top not only secures the ramp in place but also protects your car or home surfaces. This ramp is the perfect dog ramp for cars, Utes, and even staircases.

Give your dog the gift of independence and freedom with the Ramped Up Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp!


Ultimate Strength Meets Lightweight Design: Crafted from marine-grade alloy, this ramp supports up to 110kg, yet astoundingly weighs only 7.5kg - making it a breeze for you to handle and a sturdy bridge for your dog.

Corrosion-Free for Lifelong Durability: Built to last with corrosion-free aluminium, this ramp fearlessly faces outdoor elements, ensuring longevity and reliability for all your adventures.

Portable Perfection: The ramp's ingenious fold-away design, complemented by a convenient handle, means you can transport it effortlessly - just like carrying a briefcase!

All-Weather, Non-Slip Confidence: Equipped with an Extreme Grip surface, this ramp provides secure footing for your furry friend, rain or shine - no slipping, no sliding, no worries!

Gentle Slope for Easy Access: At 1.8m long and with a gradual incline, the ramp is a comfortable pathway for dogs of all ages and sizes - perfect for those with mobility issues.

Space-Saving and Easy to Store: With folded dimensions of 910mm x 375mm x 125mm, this ramp fits neatly in your car or home, taking minimal space while offering maximum utility.

Rubber Strip for Added Safety: The top of the ramp includes a rubber strip to secure it firmly in place while protecting the surfaces it rests on - ideal for car travel or home staircases.

Transform Mobility into Joy: Ideal for dogs who are not as spry as they once were, this Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp turns challenging stairs and car rides into enjoyable, pain-free experiences for your beloved pet.

Folding Dog Ramp Specfications:

  • Genuine 110kg Weight capacity

  • Made from Corrosion-free marine grade alloy

  • Fold-away design with handle for easy transportation

  • Extreme Grip non-slip surface

  • Dimensions (Folded): 910mm x 375mm x 125mm

  • Dimensions (open): 1800mm x 375mm x 125mm

  • Width (Inside Track): 350mm Width (Overall): 375mm

  • Weight: 7.5KG

If your dog isn't as agile as they used to be and needs a little help walking up stairs or climbing into the car, the Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp for Cars and Steps will make your dog's life easier! 



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Customer Reviews

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Jen Samuel
Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp

Good quality product
Easy to order online
Fast delivery

K Keuning

Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp - 110kg capacity

Great for greyhounds - used with 2018 rav4 boot

We bought this ramp because of our two senior greyhounds (approx. 30kg each) - one who now struggles to get in and out of the car due to arthritis, and the other who is capable of getting into the car on her own but prefers to be lifted. It's been great!

Our dogs are a bit skittish when it comes to new things, so it took a bit of work to get them used to the ramp at first - I had it laid flat around the house for a few days, and encouraged them to step on it briefly with treats. We then had to spend a bit of time encouraging them to get used to using it to get in and out of the car. After a bit of practice, they're now able to use it to get in and out of the boot of our 2018 rav4.

The ramp weight is quite reasonable given the size, and it's surprisingly compact when it folds up. It is slightly awkward to unfold/position, however, but that's understandable given how long it is when it's unfolded.

If you're considering this ramp to use with your car, note that the ramp will only be suitable for use with the car boot (or anywhere else not blocked by a door). The ramp length means you can't angle it and stabilise it properly next to car doors. We knew this when buying it and only intended to use it with our boot, so that's fine for us - just a call out for anyone else who is looking at this product and considering how they can use it with their car.

Overall, I'm really happy with the purchase - it's been great for our older dogs, and has been a relief for our backs now that we don't have to lift them in and out anymore!

Sasa K.
Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp - 110 kg capacity

I read quite a few negative reviews but I decided anyway to give Ramped Up a green light.
In my opinion, dealing with Ramped Up was very smooth and professional.
The parcel was delayed by 2 days but that’s due to floods in WA. I can’t really complain about that.
The Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp is a solid product and well overengineered for my 60 kg GSD.
I am very happy with the purchase and Ramped Up.

Dog ramp

Received quickly and very happy with 1.8 metro ramp

Anne Marie Hearn
Dog ramp

Bought the 1.8 meter Aluminium folding ramp online. Arrived within 3 days. Sturdy construction, good “grippy” surface for the dogs to walk on. A good buy in my opinion!