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How to use a dirt bike ramp to load and tie down your bike

How to use a dirt bike ramp to load and tie down your bike

If you want to get out and use your dirt bike properly, at some point you’re going to need to load it into the back of a ute or trailer.  It doesn’t matter what sort of vehicle you’re loading your trailbike in to, this guide will help you load your dirt bike safely… that’s safe for the bike, and the rider.

1. Park on a flat and lever surface

The first step in loading your dirt bike is to park on a flat and level surface. Pretty obvious, but this will make it much safer when loading onto the dirt bike ramp, and make the bike more manageable once it’s up in the ute or trailer.  Now it’s time to get the trail bike ramp ready:

2. Prepare your dirt bike ramp

Open the tailgate and unfold your trail bike ramp, placing the ends securely over the tailgate.  It’s a great idea to use a ratchet strap to tie down the ramp at this point, I usually run the strap through the ramp and around a towbar, but anything metal should do, just don’t run the strap around any plastic bumpers.

3. Load your motorbike into the ute or trailer

It helps to have a second set of hands at this point, but with a little bit of  muscle it’s very achievable with one person.  Put the bike in neutral and line it up straight with the ramp and stand to the side of the bike (you don’t want the motorbike ramp to end up between your legs) Give yourself a bit of a run up, then holding the bike by the handlebars, push it straight up the bike ramp.  If you have a helper, get them to stand on the other side of the ramp and push from the seat

4. Strap the trail bike down to your ute or trailer

Now that you've loaded the motorbike, it’s time to strap it down.  You can position the bike straight in the ute, but I like to place the front wheel in the left corner so the bike is diagonal, with the back wheel in the back right corner of the tray the tailgate will close on most utes. 

You’re going to need 3 ratchet straps here, one for the back wheel and one for each of the handlebars.  Straighten your wheel and make sure the bike is upright, then tie a ratchet from each handlebar to the ute or trailer.  Make sure you’re using good solid anchor points.  Don’t go crazy tightening the ratchets, just make sure the suspension is slightly compressed and the bike is nice and straight.

The third strap goes over the back wheel to stop the back from bouncing around and help keep the dirt bike upright.

Hot tip: don’t forget your ramp, you’re going to need it at the other end!

I always like to pull over a few minutes down the road just to re tension the straps and make sure nothing has shifted.  Then you’re good to go!

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