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Dog Ramps For Cars

Dog Ramps For Cars

Do you need a dog ramp for your car or ute? Taking your dog in the car is an important step for Dog Mums/Dads – it allows you to explore with your best mate, and doggo to discover new sensations, maybe a weekend trip to Bunnings in the back of the ute or a trip to the dog wash.

However, if you are struggling to get your dog into the car or ute, a dog ramp for a car could be exactly what the vet ordered!

A dog ramp could help senior dogs, especially those with arthritis or those who are too wriggly or heavy for you to lift, to have safe access to your back seat or boot of your car. 

The same thing applies to smaller dogs, as well. Picking them up and loading them in or letting them out each time could get to be a huge chore. So, what do you do if you like to get rid of that irritating activity? The answer is obvious -  get a dog ramp for your car!

Dog Ramp for car leaning up against car boot with dog and owner in car

Benefits of Dog Ramps for Cars

The most popular and much-needed use of dog ramps is for getting dogs in cars easily. It might be difficult for some dogs (like older dogs, dogs with injuries, dogs with an amputated leg, etc.) to get into the car on their own, so getting a dog ramp for cars is much needed. Whether it is the vehicle's front door or the back door, you can easily adjust ramps to a specific height to get the dog in the car.

Jumping in or out of the car can cause strain in the legs of the dogs, which may lead to further complications. Avoiding this situation is the best solution, as ramps will help to provide a direct pathway to your canine's spot in the car.

The use of dog ramps is not just limited cars and utes, dog ramps are portable with adjustable heights, and it is up to you what you use the ramp for!

Prevent injuries

Dogs often get injuries from jumping from high surfaces. It can injure their legs or paws. If your dog is showing signs of discomfort or pain in the shoulders, legs, or joints, then you should be cautious, and getting a ramp will solve this problem. It will make a safe pathway, and your dog will have the choice of using the ramp instead of jumping.

Help arthritic dogs access cars

Old dogs require special care because they have delicate joints and can get injured easily. If you have an old dog, a ramp is the best choice to ease its movement to a sofa or in the car. This will prevent the possibility of injury to your old friend. Moreover, if you have a dog that is already suffering from arthritis, a dog ramp is a must-have for you.

Small dogs and puppies

Small dogs like teacup dogs or toy pooch can’t climb on the sofa and find it difficult to get in the car as well. The same goes for the puppies; they also struggle while taking a leap. Puppies try to jump but may get injured in the process. Using a dog ramp will make their life so much easier 

Easier for you

Dog ramps not only make things easier for your dog, but they also make things easier for you. These ramps are a perfect gift for older or disabled people living with their pets who can't get their dogs in car. Large dogs make a big fuss about getting into the car, and eventually this takes it's toll on your back. Your dog may also injure you in the process.

 If you have a ramp, you will not have to lean down and pick your dog to put in the car or on a sofa. So, if you have got a giant dog breed or your dog is sick, a ramp will assist your canine into the car.

happy dog sitting in back of car

Best Dog Ramps for Cars and Utes

Our top two dog ramps for cars, utes or SUVs are here. You can click on the links to see more information about these ramps, along with hundreds of reviews from happy customers.

telescopic god ramp
  • Telescopic Folding Dog Ramp - 1.8m 90kg

The Telescopic Folding Dog Ramp is one of the best dog ramps. We like how simple this ramp is with utes, vans, SUVs, and cars. It features an excellent telescoping design, making it adjustable for various cars.

The ramp is durable and strong and could hold pets weighing at least 90 kilograms. Nonetheless, the ramp is extremely simple to use and lightweight at the same time. It also weighs just 6.7 kilograms.





  • Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp - 110kg Capacity

The Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp is a heavy-duty dog ramp that will help even the biggest dogs. It is made from aluminium, which makes it so strong and keeps lightweight at 7.5 kilograms at the same time.

One of the best features of this dog ramp is that it’s corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor uses and helping your dog navigate the stairs.

Other benefits of owning a dog ramp for cars:

Once you have a dog ramp for the car, you’ll wonder how you and your four-legged friend ever lived without one – here are another couple of benefits to owning a dog ramp:

Prevents IVVD

IVVD stands for intervertebral disc disease in dogs. It is a very serious problem in dogs, especially in Dachshunds, American Cocker Spaniels, and Shih Tzus dog breeds. Dachshunds have elongated spines; thus, it increases the risk of intervertebral disc disease in them.

The vertebral column has prime importance in the uniform mobility of dogs. This degenerative disease affects the mobility of dogs, making it difficult for them to jump or climb the stairs. Getting a dog ramp will help prevent IVDD in your canine and give them a smooth climbing to a sofa or bed.

Prevents obesity

Dog ramps can also become a good source of exercise for the canines. Many dogs become obese as they may laze around after eating and sit in one place. Dogs find it fun to go up and down the ramp, which provides them with a bit of exercise indoors.

Help pregnant dogs

Pregnant dogs should avoid climbing and jumping as it may harm their babies. Getting a ramp for them becomes necessary to help them get to a comfortable place or to your car. You can reduce your dog's risk of injury and keep her safe and healthy by using a ramp with a griped surface.


To sum up, ramps could help your dog into and out of a car without even damaging their joints. That’s advantageous for every dog but is even more crucial for older dogs, especially those with joint pain and pregnant dogs too.

We hope this article has helped you pick the best dog camp for cars, trucks, or SUVs. We wish you the best of luck!

dog in ute with owner patting dog

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